Natufian, Levant & Near East

Really interesting about the history of the people in the land.



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Jewish Worship, Pagan Symbols

Ein Harod is a spring that rises in the valley of Jezreel at the foot of Mt. Gilboa. Gideon gathered his men there to sort out the good soldiers from the bad ones (Judges 7). From the pool, the spring makes its weary and meandering way east down the valley for some 18 km, passing …

Was Mary Magdalene Wife of Jesus? Was Mary Magdalene a Prostitute?

When novelists and screenwriters try to insert something salacious into the life of Jesus, they focus on one woman: Mary from Magdala. Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute? Was Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus? Birger A. Pearson addresses these popular notions in the article “From Saint to Sinner” below. As Pearson notes, there’s no substantial evidence …

Astounding Animation Glimpses Into Amarna, The Royal Egyptian City Of Akhenaten

POSTED BY: DATTATREYA MANDAL APRIL 16, 2016 The royal city of Amarna was a relatively ‘new’ settlement if viewed from the perspective of Ancient Egyptian history. Built almost 1,200 years after the Great Pyramid (circa 1346 BC), the entire city was actually constructed on a virgin site, on the orders of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV – who …

Map Shows The Homeland Of ‘Most’ Of The Characters In Homer’s Iliad

POSTED BY: DATTATREYA MANDAL FEBRUARY 22, 2017 If we consider the historical side of affairs, the Trojan War (or at least its approximate military scope) described by Homer’s Iliad possibly harks back to the period corresponding to 13th-12th century BC. And while our modern day notions associate Greece as a singular entity, historically the small region and its proximate …